Calls grow for news outlets reporting on systemic racism to address own failures

While there might be an increase in the number of on-air personalities who are people of colour, that's not an accurate measure of...

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Want a diverse workplace? Rethink the entire system, including the C-suite: experts

TORONTO — The race-based failings of many of the companies seeking help from diversity and inclusion expert Hamlin Grange are...

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Cost of Living with Paul Haavardsrud

Defunding the police in the face of wages that have gone up, and keep going up. Plus physical vs. virtual...

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Diversity in the Workplace

Listen to this interview with Hamlin Grange of DiversiPro about why organizations must become more culturally competent in order to attract the best talent, develop a culture of innovation and to be more productive.

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Six Cylinders Graphic

Diversity on Six Cylinders

It is invaluable to have people who are knowledgeable about the best practices in diversity who also know the organization they are working for. To find out more about the Six Cylinders and to get more information about how DiversiPro can help you and your organization click the button.

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Many people are drawn to the snowflake in our logo and comment on it. Here's why we chose it

Like snowflakes, people are unique. No two are the same. We honour the uniqueness of every person we interact with. Our snowflake is also made up of tiny parts – each one different. This represents the fact that human beings, teams and organizations are multi-dimensional and integrated, as is our approach to the work we do.

And finally, our company is based in Canada - a country known for its snowflakes!

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

These are extraordinary times that require compassion, patience, empathy and innovative thinking. We appreciate all the work that individuals on the frontlines are doing to keep us all safe – including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, law enforcement and first-responders.

At DiversiPro we are doing our part by practicing social-distancing. Our staff are working remotely from home. We are also developing virtual learning environments for our workshops.

We also continue to offer online intercultural competence assessments and virtual coaching and online assessments of cognitive diversity.

Please contact us about our assessments and other training at

Our mission to help our clients to create more inclusive and culturally adaptive environments is even more urgent during this time.

In the meantime, we urge you to practice good healthcare and follow the guidance of qualified healthcare professionals. One simple thing we can all do is to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. We encourage you to use hand sanitizers and properly wash your hands.

Take care and stay healthy.