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Who We Are

DiversiPro offers fresh thinking and new approaches to diversity and inclusion strategies and management. Organizational leaders from a wide range of sectors consider DiversiPro a “trusted advisor” on issues that matter.

We create roadmaps to inclusion by developing intercultural competence that encourages open conversations about differences that make a difference.

DiversiPro is a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts specializing in diversity, inclusion, organizational assessment, capacity building, and learning and development that advance Human Rights and Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism (IDEA). With prominent clients across Canada and around the world, DiversiPro has helped organizations build capacity and resilience to face challenges and leverage opportunities emerging from demographic changes and the fast-evolving social context. DiversiPro’s services include strategic and operational planning, communications and change management consulting, community building and organizational development. Research, training, and evaluation are the core activities in most of the company’s projects.

Our Approach

Intercultural competence is at the core of what we do. DiversiPro defined intercultural competence as having the capability to shift cultural perspective and change behaviors when encountering cultural and identity-based differences and commonalities.

DiversiPro’s team consists of subject matter experts with a range of outstanding experience in diversity and inclusion and intercultural competence development. The firm is in touch with national and international best and/or promising practices in several industries and sectors. Our clients include large and small corporations, as well as non-profit organizations in a wide range of sectors.

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