Hiding Behind Unconscious Bias

Although we are all prone to having unconscious biases about different people, it should not be used to obfuscate or used as cover for egregious acts against people of colour.

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The Dream Explodes

In his poem Dream Deferred, Langston Hughes asked:  “What happens to a dream deferred ?”  Sixty three years later, we have found an answer in Ferguson, Missouri. Some people say the [...]

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Defining Moments?

Culture is defined as a system of values, beliefs, attitudes, traditions, and standards of behavior that govern the organization of people into social groups and regulate both individual and [...]

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Embracing the Future

Besides thinking differently about how to pay for "effective, efficient and adequate" policing, a paradigm shift in thinking about how to police must also occur. The outdated and antiquated [...]

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Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is one issue that can ignite emotions and inflame situations; partly because the allegations strike at the very core of our personal beliefs and partly because it is so difficult [...]

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