Coaching for Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence is a key performance attribute of successful organizations and will become increasingly important in the future.  Coaching is the skill to make sure that your team consistently communicate and reinforce this agenda.

DiversiPro has developed a program that includes both parts of the equation in one package – the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and Transformational Coaching.  In this two-day workshop participants will not only “learn” about Cultural Competence, they will learn how to “be” Culturally Competent.

The 2-day workshop on Nov 9 & 10 will address:

  • How coaching can help an organization to meet its current business strategic challenges
  • The business case for coaching
  • The Transformational Coaching Culture and the role of leadership
  • The Seven Keys to Effective Feedback and human behavior
  • Emotional Intelligence as it relates to coaching

Participants will:

  • Receive personal feedback on their own IDI assessment results
  • Learn how to use coaching to improve intercultural competence in your team
  • Practice real coaching dialogue
  • Learn tools to create a culture where feedback is valued & welcomed
  • Learn how to create high trust relationships in your organization

To learn more about this Package from our two facilitators, Hamlin Grange and Marguerite Orane, please watch their short video:

Additional information is posted on our website or please call 416-932-8284.

Marguerite Orane, Certified Transformational Coaching Facilitator

Hamlin Grange, Qualified IDI Administrator and D&I Strategist

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