Your Intercultural Competence Development Action Plan

Professional development should be an essential component of your career growth and plan.  With constant change and the evolution of your profession, keeping your skills and knowledge current will give you a competitive advantage in achieving your career goals.  Developing your capability to shift cultural perspective and change behaviour when interacting with cultural differences, is also important in accomplishing organizational and personal goals. As with your other life goals, it is recommended that you develop a personalized Intercultural Development Action Plan (IDAP) designed to help you achieve your intercultural goals.  A plan with explicit goals will provide structure for your future learning.
If there are specific Commitments your organization has identified as part of a wider Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiative, you may want to consider how your goals align with those commitments.
Based upon the assessment of the Intercultural Development Inventory™ (IDI), or based upon the feedback you have received from others, ask yourself the following questions:
  • How can I improve or strengthen my work performance as it relates to cultural differences?
  • How can I improve my interaction with cultural differences and similarities?
  • What are the key goals – personal and professional –  I need to accomplish in order to successfully navigate or “bridge” across cultural differences?
  • What new skills and knowledge will I need in the future?
Developing intercultural competence is a self-reflective, intentional process focused on
understanding patterns of difference and commonality between yourself (and your cultural group) and other culture groups’ perceptions, values and practices.
After determining the key learning areas in which you want to focus, develop specific and measurable goals to pursue.
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