How will this dashboard help HR professionals and IDEA consultants with their work?

IDEA is an emerging and rapidly growing discipline within the HR field that is quickly becoming an essential and expected competency within corporations. As subject matter experts and advisors, HR professionals and IDEA consultants are continuously looking for innovative, reliable and outcome-driven tools to help them highlight, analyze, advocate, and advance IDEA initiatives within their organizations.

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ offers powerful and efficient means of tracking and reporting out on IDEA programs. It will empower users to make decisions based on evidence and data and not just conjecture. The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ offers high Return on Investment in terms of time and energy spent on it, and is therefore cost effective.

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ will provide HR professionals and IDEA leads with a snapshot, data-driven view of their organization’s ability to manage, track and report on the progress of their IDEA initiatives. Leaders can feel confident in their decision-making and planning processes, knowing they have access to the organizational insights and benchmarks needed to effectively develop, measure and sustain IDEA programs.

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