What is the current landscape of IDEA within Canada organizations? How has the social justice movement of 2020 impacted organizations?

Like elsewhere across North America, because of the current social and racial justice movement, the IDEA landscape in Canada has shifted. There is now greater awareness among organizational leaders of the need for transformative and systemic change in order to have inclusive and anti-racist workplaces. The challenge being faced by corporate leaders is what to do, how to implement and measure the outcomes of those changes.

A growing number of employees – minorities as well as their allies – in workplaces are calling for change. Measures such as statements supporting #BlackLivesMatter or activities “celebrating” diversity are being viewed as performative, meaningless and ineffective in dealing with deeper systemic issues of racism. A recent Call To Action on Anti-Racism issued by the Clerk of the Privy Council, urges leaders in Canada’s Public Service to do more to ensure Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour are hired, promoted and supported.

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