What is the DiversiPro DEI Dashboard™?

The DiversiPro DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Dashboard™ is an online tool that organizations can use to track, measure and evaluate how diverse and inclusive their workplaces are and how to make improvements.

The DiversiPro DEI Dashboard™ is based on DiversiPro’s Six Cylinders™ Framework method for diagnosing, measuring and implementing DEI strategies in six key areas of the organization: Leadership, Stakeholder Connections, Human Capital, Workplace Culture, Programs/Service and Marketing.

Beyond just measuring demographics and DEI activities in an organization, the DiversiPro DEI Dashboard™ measures how employees and clients are experiencing the organization through its DEI efforts.

The tool also allows organization-specific data to be entered and a score is given in the form of a simple dashboard

  • Red: Need Help.
  • Amber: Showing Progress.
  • Green: Success.
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