FAQs –  DiversiPro’s IDEA Dashboard™

What is the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™?

The DiversiPro IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism) Dashboard™ is an online tool that organizations can use to track, measure and evaluate how diverse and inclusive their workplaces are and how to make improvements.

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ is based on DiversiPro’s Six Cylinders™ Framework method for diagnosing, measuring and implementing IDEA strategies in six key areas of the organization: Leadership, Stakeholder Connections, Human Capital, Workplace Culture, Programs/Service and Marketing.

Beyond just measuring demographics and IDEA activities in an organization, the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ measures how employees and clients are experiencing the organization through its IDEA efforts.

The tool also allows organization-specific data to be entered and a score is given in the form of a simple dashboard

  • Red: Need Help.
  • Amber: Showing Progress.
  • Green: Success.
When will the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ be available for use?

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ will launch in early 2022. Stay tuned for more information about the tool’s availability.

Who is the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ designed for?

DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ is a senior management resource tool. It fits within the accountability responsibilities of CEO, Presidents, Executive Directors, Deputy Ministers and Board of Directors. It is also an effective tool for Human Resources and IDEA professionals who are responsible for implementing diversity, equity and inclusion programs in organizations.

How will this dashboard help HR professionals and IDEA consultants with their work?

IDEA is an emerging and rapidly growing discipline within the HR field that is quickly becoming an essential and expected competency within corporations. As subject matter experts and advisors, HR professionals and IDEA consultants are continuously looking for innovative, reliable and outcome-driven tools to help them highlight, analyze, advocate, and advance IDEA initiatives within their organizations.

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ offers powerful and efficient means of tracking and reporting out on IDEA programs. It will empower users to make decisions based on evidence and data and not just conjecture. The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ offers high Return on Investment in terms of time and energy spent on it, and is therefore cost effective.

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ will provide HR professionals and IDEA leads with a snapshot, data-driven view of their organization’s ability to manage, track and report on the progress of their IDEA initiatives. Leaders can feel confident in their decision-making and planning processes, knowing they have access to the organizational insights and benchmarks needed to effectively develop, measure and sustain IDEA programs.

What are the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ benefits for users?

With the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ organizations will have the insights and benchmarks needed to accurately present, design, and implement sustainable DEI programs with clarity and impact. It will also help organizations:

  • Diagnose their organization’s IDEA status
  • Identify IDEA gaps and where improvements can be made
  • Gauge how stakeholders experience the organization through their IDEA efforts
  • Apply IDEA results to develop new processes, practices, and policies
  • Design, monitor, and manage actionable and integrated IDEA programs
  • Help meet many of the employer requirements under Canada’s Employment Equity Act; particularly elements of an employment systems review
What impact will the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ have on a company?

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ and its reports will make organizations more attuned and aligned with best IDEA practices. Organizations will be able to more accurately design and monitor programs and initiatives to create more inclusive workplaces. It will help organizations to become preferred places of work and business.

What is the Six Cylinders™ Framework and why is it a valuable method to measure the impact of a IDEA strategy?

The DiversiPro’s Six Cylinders™ Framework is a methodology that focuses on the key areas of any organization that has 100 or more employees and wants to have a diverse, inclusive and productive workplace.

This framework is used to diagnose the current IDEA state of an organization, quickly identifies IDEA gaps and provides a roadmap to use in implementing and developing new policies, practices and processes.

What are the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ scoring and evaluation mechanisms based on?

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard’s™ scoring and evaluation mechanisms are based on DiversiPro’s Six Cylinders™ Framework, propriety algorithim, and Statistics Canada Workforce Availability data. It is designed around effective practices developed over years of implementation of employment systems reviews but adds the client experience from an inside-outside perspective. In addition, its algorithm has been academically tested to ensure it is a robust tool.

Why is it important to track and measure employees experiences as well as demographic data?

In today’s social environment, it’s no longer good enough to only measure the representation of the diverse groups in the workplace. It’s vitally important to know how that diversity is being leveraged to benefit the organization and its employees – true inclusion. Demographic information is only one part of a larger IDEA story that an organization can tell about itself.

How is my organization’s data collected?

Once you enter the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™, you are able to start completing your organization’s IDEA assessments, which means collecting the data required to accurately answer Dashboard questions that measure the activities and progress in six key areas of your organization, called cylinders.

Once the you have completed all six assessments, you will be able to view your report which consists of – your organization’s overall score, as well as the individual scores for each cylinder. You will also be able to review a report that provides recommendations on how to improve or maintain your organization’s scores.

These scores are compared to DiversiPro’s recommended scores for organizations that have met 100%.

Are my organization’s reports exportable?

Your organization’s DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ results can be exported into easy-to-access and digestable reports that can be shared with stakeholders of your choice, which may include Board of Directors, Management Teams or external bodies.

How will DiversiPro ensure my organization’s data is kept secure?

All data collected through the IDEA Dashboard™ is transmitted securely over the internet using encryption protocols. The data is stored in the DiversiPro database, on secure servers in ONLY in Canada.

DiversiPro has implemented security policies, rules and technical measures that match or exceed industry-standard protocols to protect your data. These security measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction and accidental loss.

How will my organization’s data be used after we’ve completed our assessment?

As a condition of working with DiversiPro, all Associates are required to handle your organization’s data submitted into the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ in strict confidence and in compliance with DiversiPro’s User Agreement policy. Each of our Associates must also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

We will not share your Dashboard Profile without your explicit permission with anyone or any other entity.

We will never sell your personal information to anyone for any purposes, and we will not use your Dashboard Profile or Personal Information, for marketing purposes without your permission.

Do I have access to a DiversiPro Advisor when completing my assessment in the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard?

The DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ is designed to empower your organization’s decision-making, reporting and planning processes with a snapshot, data-driven view of your organization’s IDEA progress. Should you require additional support while completing the assessment process within the tool, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you determine what level of advisory support will best suit your needs.

Where can I go to find out about the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ pricing?

Please contact the DiversiPro team by filling out this form to learn more about the tool and pricing that best matches your organization’s IDEA needs.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues with the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™?

If you are experiencing any technical issues with the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™, please contact us at [email protected].

Who is DiversiPro?

DiversiPro offers fresh thinking and new approaches to diversity and inclusion strategies and management. Organizational leaders from a wide range of sectors consider DiversiPro a “trusted advisor” on issues that matter.

We also create roadmaps to inclusion by developing intercultural competence that encourages open conversations about differences that make a difference.

What sets DiversiPro apart from other IDEA consultants?

DiversiPro has been in business for 21 years. It has built an outstanding reputation as a “trusted advisor” to a wide range of clients across multiple sectors; including media, law enforcement, public service (government agencies and departments), non-profits, private corporations and post secondary institutions.

DiversiPro takes an organizational development and change management approach to IDEA and focuses on first helping its clients to understand how they are engaging with cultural differences so they can be successful in implementing IDEA across their organizations. DiversiPro’s integrated approach is unique in that it considers the many parts of an organization – not just one area such as HR – and how they interact with and complement each other in order to reduce silos and achieve IDEA success.

What is the current landscape of IDEA within Canada organizations? How has the social justice movement of 2020 impacted organizations?

Like elsewhere across North America, because of the current social and racial justice movement, the IDEA landscape in Canada has shifted. There is now greater awareness among organizational leaders of the need for transformative and systemic change in order to have inclusive and anti-racist workplaces. The challenge being faced by corporate leaders is what to do, how to implement and measure the outcomes of those changes.

A growing number of employees – minorities as well as their allies – in workplaces are calling for change. Measures such as statements supporting #BlackLivesMatter or activities “celebrating” diversity are being viewed as performative, meaningless and ineffective in dealing with deeper systemic issues of racism. A recent Call To Action on Anti-Racism issued by the Clerk of the Privy Council, urges leaders in Canada’s Public Service to do more to ensure Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour are hired, promoted and supported.

Why is the tool called the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™?

The IDEA acronym in DiversiPro’s work within the diversity and equity arena, stands for Inclusion, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism. 

DiversiPro believes in taking a holistic approach to helping organizations drive meaningful, transformative change to create a more inclusive workplace. To accomplish this task, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work must include efforts to tackle and eliminate racism.

If we don’t name it, we can’t fix it. Most DEI initiatives do not address or uncover the root cause of racism and therefore have been ineffective in supporting change at the systemic level. After working with a wide range of organizations for more than 20 years, DiversiPro believes that impactful and meaningful change can only occur when an organization addresses racism to successfully create an anti-racist culture.

For leaders and organizations to build an inclusive and equitable workplace, anti-racist data collection and analysis is paramount to our methodology. By incorporating DiversiPro’s Six Cylinders™ Framework, a proprietary algorithm, Statistics Canada’s workforce availability data, and a racial justice lens to our tool, the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™ applies  a holistic, data-driven approach to provide organizations with a complete picture of their IDEA assessment results and recommendations on how to make improvements within six key areas of their business.

What does IDEA stand for within the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) space?

DiversiPro uses the acronym IDEA in the work it does with organizations to indicate Inclusion, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism. This places anti-racism in any effort to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Why IDEA and not just DEI for DiversiPro’s work?

As Diversity and Inclusion strategists, and trusted advisors, DiversiPro knows from research and experience, that for organizations to be truly inclusive, an equity, inclusion and anti-racist analysis must be at the centre of this work. Providing a racial-justice lens through which organizational policies, practices, culture, and unspoken behavioural norms are assessed is critical for leaders and organizations to build an inclusive and equitable workplace.

How does DiversiPro assess Anti-Racism?

At DiversiPro, we believe that addressing, measuring, managing, and ultimately, eliminating racism on all levels – individual, organizational, and systemic/societal, is critical to all aspects to our service offerings. A holistic approach must be used to create meaningful change and therefore, must integrate the understanding of race, racialization and racial dynamics that have originated from a historical context to effectively support transformative, systemic change.

In addition to providing a wide array of IDEA service offerings, including strategic and operational planning, research, audits, internal reviews of workplace cultures, another tool in our suite of offerings is the DiversiPro IDEA Dashboard™, a digital tool designed to help organizations effectively track, measure, and manage their inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism (IDEA) initiatives in a more holistic, data-driven way.

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