About Krista Sigurdson

Project Coordinator

Krista Sigurdson is a Project Coordinator with DiversiPro. Her career has emphasized leading, teaching, program management, and coordination and she has extensive experience working in the corporate, non-profit, government, and small business sectors. She is driven to help people overcome challenges and has a particular passion for working with youth at risk, with a special focus on employment skills, one-on-one business plan development, and life skills, coaching, and consulting. In collaboration with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Krista worked as a Diversity Capacity Coordinator, developing relationships with 34 Children’s Mental Health agencies as they implemented their organizational change initiatives. Having worked as a Corporate Trainer, she is familiar with all aspects of facilitation, including program development, delivery, and needs assessments. Krista fits the unique niche area of being able to offer high level administrative skills combined with a depth of experience in the team building, crisis intervention, and program development/management fields.

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