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  • A Crisis Demands Culturally Adaptive LeadershipA Crisis Demands Culturally Adaptive Leadership
    By Hamlin Grange, Principal Consultant, DiversiPro Inc. Depending on whom you listen to, the current COVID-19 virus outbreak is either just a bad flu or a healthcare emergency of pandemic proportions. Either way, it is a crisis situation. And in times of crisis, the need for competent leadership is important.… Read more »
  • Welcome back, DiversiPro!Welcome back, DiversiPro!
    We are pleased to be once again associated with this Festival that profiles artists. Between Festivals: A Journal in Time of Pandemic and Lockdown Spirit of the Hills is delighted that DiversiPro Inc. has returned as a sponsor of the Festival of the Arts. CEO and Founder, Hamlin Grange  says… Read more »
  • Late-Night ThoughtsLate-Night Thoughts
    Many people have trouble sleeping; apparently about one third of the population. I suspect I’m among the “one-third.” I call it EMA -early morning anxiety. For me that moment of full awakeness occurs like clockwork just before 3 a.m. At that time, my head is full of thoughts; things I… Read more »
  • DiversiPro’s Guide to Creating Inclusive WorkplacesDiversiPro’s Guide to Creating Inclusive Workplaces
    The benefits of an inclusive workplace are all around us: Inclusive teams make better business decisions Decisions made and executed by diverse and inclusive teams delivered better results Employees in an inclusive work environment have greater job satisfaction Here are some questions to consider and tips to get you started… Read more »
  • Developing a Solid Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion that Drives ResultsDeveloping a Solid Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion that Drives Results
    Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.comDeveloping a strategic plan for diversity and inclusion in any organization takes time, effort and a willingness to “lean into discomforts.” Here are a few things to do to ensure success: Have a strategic human resource management plan. Do you know how you will… Read more »
  • The Connection between Creativity and Intercultural CompetenceThe Connection between Creativity and Intercultural Competence
    The challenging and often jolting journey towards creative and innovative solutions to complex problems should be accompanied with greater intercultural competence — greater self-awareness, reflection and the ability to bridge across differences. Two people staring at an abstract painting may see different things, have different emotions; but rather than diminishing… Read more »
  • The Damaging Politics of PolarizationThe Damaging Politics of Polarization
      Public comments by politicians can bring issues such as anti-immigration and racism to the forefront in a powerful way. It’s easy to have an emotional reaction, whatever ‘side’ they’re on. However, it may help to understand what’s happening in an objective manner by looking at it through the lens… Read more »
  • Political CorrectnessPolitical Correctness
    The term “political correctness” has become code for so many things lately; from conversations about women and racial and ethnic minorities. It has become a license for some people to say anything they want, about any individual or social group without having to suffer the consequences or even think about… Read more »
  • “Whitening” the Resume“Whitening” the Resume
    In the late nineties, I was a journalist with CBC TV in Toronto, doing a documentary series on new immigrants to Canada. The TV cameras followed one man and his wife on their journey from Shanghai to Canada, and in his early weeks of settlement in Toronto. They had worked… Read more »
  • Iceland: The Best Place for Women?Iceland: The Best Place for Women?
    When Canada’s new Prime Minister, JustinTrudeau, was asked by a reporter why 50% of his government ministers in his Cabinet were women, he said, without missing  a beat, “Because it’s 2015.”  At the time it may have seemed like a trite response from a Prime Minister, but it signalled a… Read more »