Hamlin, Lenore & Gerard – The Big IDEA: Why addressing Anti-racism is critical to successfully building and sustaining an inclusive workforce

We are in an era of tremendous change, where everything is being disrupted: governments, institutions, personal lives and the workplace. Innovation expert John Seely Brown calls it the Cambrian Moment. Things are thrown up but they eventually settle down. It is during that time of settling when small moves — smartly and intentionally made — can make a big difference.

President and CAO Nicole McNeill was joined by members of DiversiPro, MPAC’s new third-party consultant helping us build our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Listen to this interview with Hamlin Grange of DiversiPro about why organizations must become more culturally competent in order to attract the best talent, develop a culture of innovation and to be more productive.

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