Hiding Behind Unconscious Bias

Although we are all prone to having unconscious biases about different people, it should not be used to obfuscate or used as cover for egregious acts against people of colour.

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The “One Happy”

 The province of Saskatchewan has a booming economy but projections are that the current workforce will shrink as workers get older. So they are looking for workers. However, merely filling the [...]

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Blinded by “Merit”

Few people would disagree that Blacks and other non-whites are treated differently than whites by the criminal justice system.  All the statistical data show that Blacks get harsher penalties, [...]

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The Great Diversity Divide

There’s an ongoing war of words between the anti-oppression, diversity and inclusion and intercultural competence camps. It can be nasty sometimes. All sides have the same goal of eliminating [...]

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Eliminating Racism

Today is the International Day for the Elimination  of Racial Discrimination.  It is an odd day indeed. Do we wish each other “happy racism elimination day” or do we  express [...]

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Knowing Yourself to Help Others

Many people and organizations are becoming more interested in implicit or unconscious bias and the role it plays in our interaction with those who are different. Just like “mindbugs” [...]

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Unhealthy Workplaces

The most recent example of “Going Postal” occurred recently in Manchester, Connecticut. Omar Thornton, the newest driver for Hartford Distributors, a family-run wholesaler of beer and wine, was [...]

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