Blinded by “Merit”

Few people would disagree that Blacks and other non-whites are treated differently than whites by the criminal justice system.  All the statistical data show that Blacks get harsher penalties, [...]

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Racial Profiling: Can we all get along?

Rodney King died without ever getting the answer to the question he asked so many years ago: “Can we all get along?” The man who ignited one of the worst urban riots in U.S. history [...]

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Embracing the Future

Besides thinking differently about how to pay for "effective, efficient and adequate" policing, a paradigm shift in thinking about how to police must also occur. The outdated and antiquated [...]

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Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is one issue that can ignite emotions and inflame situations; partly because the allegations strike at the very core of our personal beliefs and partly because it is so difficult [...]

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