The “One Happy”

 The province of Saskatchewan has a booming economy but projections are that the current workforce will shrink as workers get older. So they are looking for workers. However, merely filling the [...]

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The Colour of Heathcare

  The flu season is upon us and you can get more information about it than you can blow your nose at. But when you are in the grips of the flu and you are feeling like the Grim Reaper is [...]

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The DiversiPro Movie

[youtube=] How we live with the earth, and how we live with each other — these are two of the defining issues of our time. This audio – [...]

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Democratic Engagement

One definition of a movement is an ongoing, informal group action that's inspired by a passionately shared idea and directed toward positive change. I believe such a "movement" is taking place [...]

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The Diverse Leadership Deficit

A recent study found that visible minorities are under-represented in the senior ranks of leadership in "the most multicultural city in the world"; just 14 per cent. The numbers are even more [...]

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Confronting The Messy Side of Diversity

One year ago this month, a bold and out-of-the-frame project was launched to change the face of leadership in the city of Toronto. The primary goal of DiverseCity: The Greater Toronto Leadership [...]

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