Traits of Inclusive Leaders

inclusive leadershipMembers of a Diversity and Inclusion Council completed the following sentence:

“Leaders in an organization are being inclusive when….”

  1. They are walking the (diversity) talk and modeling inclusive behaviour.
  2. They are taking part in both formal and informal processes that support the development of an inclusive organization.
  3. They understand community expectations and hold their staff accountable for meeting those needs.
  4. They are willing to reconsider how resources are allocated to serve a group or sector that has been under-served.
  5. They are purposeful and intentional about using a “diversity lens” in specific processes such as recruitment and promotion.
  6. They support diversity and inclusion by developing members of their team on merit and being more transparent about assignments and promotions.
  7. They are working to create environments that are respectful
  8. They encourage existing practices to be challenged
  9. They aim for integrity between the organization’s diversity policies and its practices
  10. They lead by influence, not authority.
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