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Training, Workshops & Coaching

Companies and individuals who wish to become more interculturally competent require greater awareness, new skills, knowledge and techniques. DiversiPro provides coaching and custom designed workshops to meet the needs of each situation. We use a variety of adult learning methods in our educational programs, including case studies, interactive exercises, role plays, videos, cultural competence assessments and personal and organizational plans.

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a powerful assessment and developmental tool to help individuals and teams assess and reflect on stages of cultural sensitivity.

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Consulting Services

DiversiPro offers a complete service for organizations that seek to work effectively in the new demographic environment. Clients can choose from services that include everything from an introductory briefing to maintenance and follow-up assistance for a mature diversity and inclusion program.

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Here are some examples of our educational programs:

Executive Briefing

The first step to working with DiversiPro is an Executive Briefing of two hours designed to provide clarity of key diversity and inclusion concepts and an introduction to the Six Cylinders™. The focus is on how diversity and inclusion initiatives that can help to meet organizational goals.

Senior Team Orientation

This session for Senior Executive Team members includes shared understanding of the key concepts and an examination of the organization through DiversiPro’s Six Cylinders™ framework. The focus is on developing skills that will make organizational leaders more culturally competent. Participants also take a confidential online intercultural competence self-assessment of their awareness, knowledge and skill.

Introducing Diversity and Intercultural Competence

An interactive workshop for up to 25 participants introduces diversity and inclusion as an organizational objective. Participants also learn what it means to be “interculturally competent.” Working together, participants develop practical options for their organization. This carefully crafted workshop brings staff members from confusion or hostility or disinterest to active participation in one busy and sometimes entertaining session.

Diversity and Inclusion Coaching

It is invaluable to have people who are knowledgeable about the best practices in diversity who also know the organization they are working for. DiversiPro will provide training for in-house staff as change agents, and diversity coaches. We will also “coach the coach” ; helping with problems as they arise in the first few months of their assignment.

Diversity and Inclusive Leadership

“How to talk the talk and walk the walk.” On the shop floor or in the boardroom, a confident leader will be able to discuss diversity and inclusion. S/he/they will have the tools to resolve cross-cultural differences and communicate effectively inside and outside the organization. This one-day workshop helps to address the interpersonal situations that may arise in the workplace and the unique challenges that they present to leaders. The workshop provides the language and the tools for leading diversity with confidence.

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