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Consulting Services

DiversiPro offers a complete service for organizations that seek to work effectively in the new demographic environment. Clients can choose from services that include everything from an introductory briefing to maintenance and follow-up assistance for a mature diversity and inclusion program.

Executive Briefing

Particularly for organizations that are considering a diversity and inclusion program, DiversiPro provides a briefing on the key issues and concepts of diversity and possibilities for constructive change. This may be preceded by an assessment of how the senior team is navigating cultural differences, key interviews and surveys that help to establish the “diversity index” of the company. The Executive Briefing of two hours is designed to provide clarity of key diversity and inclusion concepts and an introduction to the Six Cylinders™ Framework. The focus is on how diversity and inclusion initiatives can help you to meet your organizational goals.

Senior Team Orientation

A half-day session for the Senior Executive Team includes shared understanding of the key concepts and an examination of the organization through the Six Cylinders™ Framework and group profile using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a confidential assessment of the level of awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences and similarities.The focus is on raising awareness that will make organizational leaders more interculturally competent.

As organizational leaders you need to know the following: How are we doing? How do we compare with competitors and to other similar organizations? What are the diversity business opportunities inside and outside the organization? DiversiPro will help you find answers to these questions – and more – using a choice of methods and analysis appropriate to the company.

Developing a Strategic Plan

DiversiPro uses its Six Cylinders™ Framework to plan and develop a comprehensive and effective diversity program. Managing organizational change is never easy, but the Six Cylinders™ makes it easier to measure and control. Working with you, the process includes creating benchmarks, finding practical measurements and objectives that link diversity and business success.

Making an Operational Plan

Not everything can be done at once. Sometimes small steps have to take place before bigger ones are possible. DiversiPro will help design an Operational Plan for you and your organization that will provide immediate benefits and work steadily toward longer term goals.

Managing and Maintaining a Diversity and Inclusion Program

DiversiPro will assist in setting up an easy-to-manage program that will allow your organization to build on success and to benefit from the intelligent use of diversity in your workplace or marketplace. However, part of the DiversiPro commitment is to stay in touch with you after the consultation is complete to provide counsel when required.


Although DiversiPro is not a personnel search firm, we can assist the staffing process at all levels of your organization, including assistance in recruitment and governance to Boards of Directors. In particular DiversiPro can help you with issues of fairness and perception when it is necessary to change hiring practices.

For more information about our services contact us at [email protected]

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