Emergenetics is a widely used, science-based measurement system that uses psychometric research and behavioral studies to reliably describe how people think and behave. 

Emergenetics International is a North America-based organizational development company that uses the measurement system to advise and consult with businesses on making decisions about investing in employees through education and training, to improve quality and increase productivity. DiversiPro leverages the power of Emergenetics, and the information gathered from conducting Emergenetics Profiles in its IDEA consultations and change management initiatives with clients.

An Emergenetics Profile analyzes your thinking and behavior as reflected in four individual attributes or characteristics:

  • Analytical—Logic, problem-solving and objectivity.
  • Structural—Process orientation, planning and details.
  • Social—Empathy, personalization and relational approaches.
  • Conceptual—Ideas, inventiveness and big picture thinking.

Profile-building provides insights—without boxing people into rigid categories—on the functioning of individuals and teams. Emergenetics enhances personal power, builds understanding, facilitates communication and improves performance. This leads to stronger and more dynamic organizational operations.

Contact DiversiPro to discuss how we apply Emergenetics towards improving your organization’s productivity, communications and culture.

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