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The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI): Navigating Differences that Make a Difference

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a powerful assessment and developmental tool to help individuals and teams assess and reflect on stages of cultural sensitivity. The (IDI) was developed by Dr. Mitchell Hammer and Dr. Milton Bennett as an empirical measurement of intercultural sensitivity.  The IDI was designed and validated in a cross-cultural manner to ensure validity. Research shows that developing one’s intercultural competence emphasizing one aspect of diversity and cultural difference (e.g. national origin) will carry over to one’s experience of all other types of diversity and cultural difference (i.e. gender, sexual orientation, etc.)

The IDI is a 50-item questionnaire available in 15 languages and is currently being used by more than 1,200 Qualified Administrators in more than 25 countries.

IDI is used…

  • To assess cross-cultural competencies for teams or individuals working in cross-cultural situations
  • To understand and identify developmental stages of clients or partners
  • To determine areas that facilitate, or limit, cross-cultural competence for teams or individuals
  • To increase self-awareness of intercultural competencies and encourage further development
  • To establish a language and conceptual framework for discussing intercultural interactions

The IDI can help respondents to…

  • Understand the developmental stages of intercultural sensitivity through which people move towards greater intercultural effectiveness
  • Increase self-awareness for each individual respondent and identify issues that may be impeding development
  • Increase organization-level understanding of intercultural issues

The IDI Process:

  • Respondents take the IDI online
  • Respondents receive secure and confidential password by email to log into IDI
  • IDI assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete
  • Respondents receive confidential feedback on Individual Profile from Qualified IDI Administrator
  • Respondent receive personalized IDI Plan
  • An IDI Group Profile can be generated for presentation during training session.

Please click here for a IDI Sample Report

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