Challenging racial bias

Recent troubles involving racial bias at a Philadelphia Starbucks aren’t confined to the coffee chain or the United States, according...

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Moving the Needle – Combatting Racism with Hamlin Grange and Diya Khanna

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The Podcast: Hamlin Grange on how Canadian media must look within and fight racism

“PEOPLE LOOK AT the news and see Black and brown faces reading the news,” says Hamlin Grange, who used to...

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Diversity in the Workplace

Listen to this interview with Hamlin Grange of DiversiPro about why organizations must become more culturally competent in order to attract the best talent, develop a culture of innovation and to be more productive.

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Six Cylinders Graphic

Diversity on Six Cylinders

It is invaluable to have people who are knowledgeable about the best practices in diversity who also know the organization they are working for. To find out more about the Six Cylinders and to get more information about how DiversiPro can help you and your organization click the button.

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Many people are drawn to the snowflake in our logo and comment on it. Here's why we chose it

Like snowflakes, people are unique. No two are the same. We honour the uniqueness of every person we interact with. Our snowflake is also made up of tiny parts – each one different. This represents the fact that human beings, teams and organizations are multi-dimensional and integrated, as is our approach to the work we do.

And finally, our company is based in Canada - a country known for its snowflakes!