The Inclusive Competencies Inventory™ (ICI)

The Inclusive Competencies Inventory™

The ICI assessment is based on a comprehensive review of the core competencies required for effective inclusive interactions. The ICI can be used to assess participants’ competencies that are associated with effective inclusive behavior. The ICI instrument contains 50 items, plus 10 demographic questions. A comprehensive, 15-page personal online report is available in pdf format upon completion of the ICI.

Validity and Reliability: Research shows that the ICI is empirically reliable (stable) and valid. All ICI scales have coefficient alpha reliabilities ranging from .78 to .91.

The ICI also includes a Social Desirability scale with a coefficient alpha reliability of .83. This scale is important because many people know that inclusion is important and want to present their ideal self, regardless of reality.

Definition of the ICI and its principal uses: The ICI assessment evaluates competencies
critical to being more inclusive with people who differ from yourself. These differences can originate from race, ethnicity, multi-generations, religions, national cultures, gender identity, ability, socio-economic class, political mindset, and other areas. 

The ICI is particularly useful in the following applications:

Pre-and post-measurements of changes in inclusive competencies

Cross-cultural and diversity training (courses, workshops, or seminars to increase awareness and self- analysis for improvement

Needs and baseline assessment for inclusion competency training designs or organizational DEI initiative

Knowing Yourself: Your awareness of “who you are” with respect to how open you are to change through on-going developmental experiences that might enhance inclusive behaviors as well as your likelihood to be adaptive and resilient in challenging diversity settings:

Openness to Change (OC)

Adaptability (AD)

Knowing Others: Your interest in and actions to develop relationships with people who differ from you as well as your ability to accurately understand them at a deep level:

Connecting with Others (CO)

Reading Others (RO)

Bridging Differences: Your interest in understanding and valuing multiple perspectives and being sensitive to the inequities in power and opportunities that are present in many contexts:

Valuing Different Perspectives (VDP)

Power Sensitivity (PS)

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