IDEA Organizational Assessment (IOA)

IDEA Organizational Assessment

DiversiPro’s IDEA Organizational Assessment (IOA) is a proprietary tool that measures both the diversity and the climate within an organization via three distinct sections analyzed together:

  • The Organizational Demographic Profile™ (ODP)
  • The Intercultural Interactions Profile™ (IIP)
  • The Experiential-Perceptional Organizational Profile™ (EPOP)

 The purpose of the IOA is:

  • to obtain a more accurate and evidence- based picture of the degree of diversity within the organization (with focus on historically marginalized/equity-seeking groups)
  • to shed light on the experiences, capacity, and contributions of employees with respect to intercultural competence (how they navigate cultural differences)
  • to understand employees’ experience with and perceptions of equity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace including experiences with prejudice and discrimination
  • and to obtain a Trust Index™ among employees for IDEA within the organization

Employees will be asked to complete this anonymous survey administered by DiversiPro. The IOA can take between 20-30 minutes to complete. There is a level of customization for each organization and sector. The questions are designed in accordance with applicable policies relating to privacy and confidentiality, and human rights-based data collection as outlined by the Canadian Human Rights Act. The questions in the IOA are voluntary, as is the assessment itself. However, we encourage organizations to use robust communication to motivate everyone to participate in the assessment to have a clear and accurate representation of organizational diversity and inclusion climate.

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