Operations Support Providers

We pride ourselves on attracting Associates and consultants with different strengths and expertise but shared values. Our Associates and consultants are subject matter experts in diversity, inclusion and intercultural competence and are among the best in their fields. Our Team is well-rounded, bringing competencies in a range of disciplines, including multicultural marketing, workplace compliance, human rights, diversity, intercultural competence, organizational development, diversity research, adult education, community engagement and group facilitation. This ensures we offer our clients the very best work on all our projects.

As an independent consultant and an Associate of DiversiPro, you maintain your autonomy yet benefit from belonging to a larger team. If you share our Values and want to work on interesting and meaningful projects contact us at [email protected].

Our Dynamic Operations Providers include:



Kyle Morford is an accomplished Program Manager, with over 15 years of experience managing a diverse global portfolio. His multifaceted expertise includes infrastructure development, youth empowerment, economic development, emergency response, and disaster management.



Jai Hardy is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, social service work, and technical expertise. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Social and Community Development and an Honours degree in Social Service Work, Jai combines academic knowledge with practical experience.

Lloyd G. Hanson


Lloyd joined the management team in February 2022 as Interim COO/CFO. Lloyd is a seasoned multi-talented financial and business strategist with many years working at the managerial and director levels in the not for profit, government and telecommunications sectors.



Hannah is an organized and detail-oriented Project Coordinator, who acts as an Executive Assistant to DiversiPro’s CEO and founder, Hamlin Grange. She holds an International Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Psychology from the Glendon Campus of York University.

Leo Goddu

Leo Goddu


Leo is a creative problem solver with over 25 years of experience working on challenging creative, development and promotional accounts. Leo is a dual language creative, an asset to any bilingual advertising.

Garth Hardie

Garth Hardie (he/him) is a corporate communications strategist with more than 20 years of wide-ranging experience managing organizational change. His extensive background in the Arts, Journalism, Media Management and Entrepreneurship informs the creativity with which he analyzes and approaches current challenges in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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