About Lloyd G. Hanson

Chief of Operations & CFO

Lloyd joined the management team in February 2022 as Interim COO/CFO. Lloyd is a seasoned multi-talented financial and business strategist with many years working at the managerial and director levels in the not for profit, government and telecommunications sectors. Lloyd has significant experience in change management, managing growth and implementation of new technologies. In his role Lloyd is responsible for associate relationship management and employee experience satisfaction in addition to directing and managing the financial affairs of the company. Lloyd’s short-term goals at DiversiPro consist of emphasizing the “business of the business” while making the company an employer of choice and a “best in class” for collaboration in the IDEA sector.

Lloyd retired in 2019 from a rewarding career in accounting and finance capped by fifteen years managing and directing the financial affairs of North America’s largest Children’s Mental Health provider.  

Lloyd has completed studies in economics, accounting and managerial finance in addition to advanced business administration, investment funds and auditing. He has completed various professional development programs including Kinark Leadership Development Program and the Harvard mentorship program. 

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