Why We Do It

Our Work

We do this work because we love it. And because it works.

We’ve helped teams and individuals to achieve sustainable outcomes.

We recognize that, in one way or another, everyone has a lived experience with diversity. After all, we’re human beings trying to live with and get along with others – from our families and neighbours, to the places where we work or visit. Some of our experiences leave us feeling enriched, some leave us puzzled, even upset.

DiversiPro consultants recognize that by the time we meet the teams and leaders in an organization, everyone has both experiences and thoughts about diversity. We start by honouring that reality.

With that respectful and open approach to both organizations and individuals, we’ve been privileged to work with dynamic teams of all sizes in corporate and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and around the world.

We delight in helping teams adjust to demographic changes in the workplace and go beyond adjustment to getting better results from such changes. That is why we take an integrated approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace that aligns aspirational goals with business objectives.

People who’ve taken our intercultural development programs tell us about the positive changes it has brought to the way they deal with others – whether it is at work or in their personal lives. They become more skilled at managing differences – from differences in opinion to differences in culture, gender and generation.

By working with both corporate and not-for-profit sectors we have been enriched by the experience and we bring those experiences to every new project or assignment.

Our work is grounded on a balanced approach and strong personal and corporate values:

  • Confidentiality We respect our clients’ privacy, and uphold confidentiality.  Privacy matters a lot in our company
  • Difference Our team members share the same core values, but bring different skills, backgrounds and different ways of seeing the world
  • Client success We celebrate the success of our clients. We go “above and beyond” in every project by using innovative methods and insights to meet the goals of our clients
  • Respect We respect and value the diverse abilities of our team members and the trust our clients place in us to give them sound and practical advice
  • Intelligence We value and encourage bright ideas from our staff and Associates to help our clients and to make our company successful
  • Goodwill Life is too short. We encourage goodwill and humour among our team members and in our work with clients
  • Social responsibility We believe we have a responsibility to make the world a better place. We support initiatives that help to build civil society and open doors for others

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