We pride ourselves on attracting Associates and consultants with different strengths and expertise but shared values. Our Associates and consultants are subject matter experts in diversity, inclusion and intercultural competence and are among the best in their fields. Our Team is well-rounded, bringing competencies in a range of disciplines, including multicultural marketing, workplace compliance, human rights, diversity, intercultural competence, organizational development, diversity research, adult education, community engagement and group facilitation.  This ensures we offer our clients the very best work on all our projects.

As an independent consultant and an Associate of DiversiPro, you maintain your autonomy yet benefit from belonging to a larger team. If you share our Values and want to work on interesting and meaningful projects contact us at [email protected].

Our Dynamic Associates include:

Associates and Strategic Service Providers

  • Debra Freathy Associate

    In addition to her work with the IDI, Debra is trained and has worked as a psychotherapist for 25 years. She taught graduate level Organizational Behavior and Leadership in EMBA and MBA programs and Psychology courses in educational institutions in Europe.

  • Adam Benn Associate

    Adam Benn, M.A., M.Ed., is an experienced facilitator and educator, with over ten years of experience in education and community healthcare. Adam has wide-ranging experience working with diverse populations with unique needs, including Black and Queer communities.

  • Anna Kostecka Associate

    Anna Kostecka (she/her) is a globally-minded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategist with +10 years of experience supporting organizations around the world on their DEI journey. Her work has helped over a hundred large and medium-sized employers from private, public, and non-profit sectors build more inclusive workplaces.

  • Ellen Cooper Associate

    Ellen is an insights specialist with over 30 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. She created Quadra Research in 1998 to provide research support to organizations who do not have an inside research department, and works closely with both clients and research suppliers.

  • Evariste Salndjoukou Associate

    Evariste is a bilingual (English and French) Coach, Mediator and Conflict Management Practitioner. He applies his knowledge of organizational behaviour, labour relations, leadership development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion when coaching managers and executives and mediating workplace conflicts.

  • Gérard Étienne Associate

    Gerard Etienne is a Senior Associate with Diversipro. He is a passionate advocate for Human Rights and Employment Equity. Gerard has held positions in human resources as a vice president in a major financial institution and director general in the public service.

  • Ilaneet Goren Associate

    Ilaneet is an adult educator, facilitator, and consultant specializing in human rights, diversity, equity and inclusive practices with 20 years of experience. Working as part of the DiversiPro team she provides assessments, coaching and development using the Intercultural Development Inventory® tool.

  • Ingrid Brand Associate

    Ingrid is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory™ and the Intercultural Conflict Style™ assessments. Ingrid has worked as a higher education professional at universities in Canada, Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait.

  • Julie Nadon Associate

    Julie Nadon, Certified business coach (ICF), trainer, and facilitator for over 15 years, works with various clienteles: government organizations, private companies, NPOs. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, convinced that 1 + 1 = 3, she places the participant at the heart of his development.

  • Kelley Hoyt Associate

    Kelley Hoyt is has been a post-secondary educator for over 20 years with a specific focus on inter-cultural competency development for the last several years.  She is a Qualified Administrator of the Inter-Cultural Development Inventory®.

  • Kennedy Schultz Associate

    Kennedy brings over 20 years of experience in cultural education and research to her work with businesses and non-profits seeking to improve their intercultural competence. She earned a Doctorate in French Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Dr. Michelle Turan Associate

    Dr. Michelle Turan, PhD, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Research Fellow and Professor has been working in the field of behaviour analysis for 20 years teaching and consulting internationally, with an emphasis on effectively changing behaviour to improve socially significant problems.

  • Ola Osman Associate

    Ola Osman is a Gates-Cambridge Scholar who is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree at the University of Cambridge’s Center for Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies. She is the co-founder and co-convener of the ‘Race Talks’ seminar series at the University of Cambridge.

  • Nicole La Roche Associate

    Nicole La Roche brings more than 20 years of experience leading Corporate Communications and Organizational Change Management initiatives for corporations in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

  • Roz Espin Associate

    Roz has over 25 years of experience in the corporate, non-profit and education sector. Along with a solid foundation in equity and inclusive education and organizational practices, she brings her expertise and passion for transformative adult program development, design and facilitation to DiversiPro. 

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