About Dr. Michelle Turan


Dr. Michelle Turan, PhD, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Research Fellow and Professor has been working in the field of behaviour analysis for 20 years teaching and consulting internationally, with an emphasis on effectively changing behaviour to improve socially significant problems. Michelle has worked in management and leadership, developing teams of people to work locally in clinical applied behaviour analysis, and education, and internationally to train others. Because of the perspective shifts made by teams on international work, Michelle has shifted her focus to intercultural competence and now, as a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, she is training teams of individuals to examine their own worldviews with respect to diversity. This experience has taught her that careful and open mindset introspection can lead to a more curious and open mindset, leading to growth in intercultural competency.

Currently Michelle is investigating the intersection between intercultural competence and the science of human behaviour to further support the growth of teams of professionals working in a diverse world. This intersection can help identify those key behaviours that can be trained and reinforced in staff and leadership to bring about actual change in day-to-day interactions.

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