Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS)

Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory

DiversiPro typically uses the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory as part of a facilitative process with leaders and decision-makers, including Diversity and Inclusion champions and others engaged in the project. Based on the research by Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D2., the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS) is a standardized, cross-culturally validated assessment tool used to help improve conflict resolution across cultural and identity-based differences by helping individuals identify their conflict style through their cultural lens and become more aware of how others approach conflict within their cultural context. It is an 18-item online questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes to complete and is available in multiple languages.

Conflict and communication misunderstandings in organizations are often grounded in the different approaches people take for resolving challenges with one another. The Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory is designed to help individuals:

Increase cultural self-understanding of their own communication and conflict resolution approach

  • Increase cultural other-understanding of diverse approaches others use to communicate ideas and resolve conflict
  • Better manage stress and anxiety that is often present in conflict situations
  • Use culturally responsive strategies in communicating your goals and interests to others
  • More accurately interpret the statements and actions of the other party

Upon completion of the ICS® assessment, participants receive their individual Profile Report, also known as the ICS® Interpretive Guide which presents respondents with their assessment results along with in-depth information about their own communication and conflict resolution style across cultures.

Respondents also learn about the four cross-cultural conflict resolution styles assessed by the ICS™ Inventory, strengths and weaknesses of each intercultural conflict style, and how their own communication and conflict resolution approach compares to the preferred style within their own and other cultural groups.

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