The Six Cylinders™

The Six Cylinders™ Framework

The Six Cylinders™ Framework

Developed by DiversiPro, the Six Cylinders™ Framework is a holistic and integrated framework designed to lead organizational change and transformation for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).  We use this framework as part of our comprehensive analysis of organizational systems, processes, practices, and output.

The Six Cylinders™ Framework is based on research and more than 20 years of experience in organizational change. Using this framework helps organizations diagnose, manage, and develop diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence initiatives and strategies in the six key areas, while ensuring sustainability of the work and impact going forward.

Each of the six cylinders within the Framework is interconnected – encouraging them to interact and communicate with one another. At its core, the Six Cylinders™ Framework is centered around the “client” and how they experience or interact with the organization.

The Six Cylinders™ are:

Leadership – the decision-makers guiding the development and implementation of the org’s strategy

Human Capital – which includes employees, volunteers, supporters, leaders, board directors who provide the org with its resource base of skills abilities and knowledge, formal systems, and processes

Programs/Services – the type of programs and services that the organization provides to its consumers

Workplace Environment – social-emotional and physical environment of the workplace, as well as the formal structures and systems 

Stakeholder Connections – relationships with the diverse stakeholder groups (employees, members, volunteers, actual/potential donors) that hold the org accountable for its actions

Marketing Communications – the process by which the organization develops strategies that appeals to donors, and/or other key financial supporters to support fundraising activities or initiatives.

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