About Debra Freathy


Debra Freathy worked as the Program Director for IDI, LLC from 2009-2014. She is currently an independent consultant and a certified IDI Qualified Administrator since 2004. She continues to be a part of the IDI faculty team that conducts the IDI qualifying seminars on how to use the IDI and continues to do IDI coaching.  She has conducted intercultural training and coaching using the IDI with executives, students, and instructors and has also conducted research using the IDI across business institutions during her 17 years living in Europe and Asia.

She continues to work with higher educational institutions (The Ohio State University) and also faith-based institutions in assisting them to increase their capacity towards intercultural competence. 

She was awarded the IDI Award for Excellence at the IDI Conference, Oct., 2018.

In addition to her work with the IDI, Debra is trained and has worked as a psychotherapist for 25 years. She taught graduate level Organizational Behavior and Leadership in EMBA and MBA programs and Psychology courses in educational institutions in Europe.  Her mentoring work has involved the mentoring of new therapists, families in transition overseas, students, executives, and individuals desiring to work with other cultures in a business and education environment.  

Debra Freathy

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