About Kelley Hoyt


Kelley Hoyt is has been a post-secondary educator for over 20 years with a specific focus on inter-cultural competency development for the last several years.  She is a Qualified Administrator of the Inter-Cultural Development Inventory®, a restorative justice trainer, and a strong advocate for immersive educational experiences for personal growth and cultural awareness. Kelley has led short-term abroad student and faculty experiences to Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, and Greece. She has engaged both educators and students in IDI® training and coaching, and has conducted hundreds of individual IDI® debriefing sessions to executives, administrators, educators, government employees, and students. Kelley’s approach is non-judgemental, understanding, and supportive and her personal philosophy regarding inter-cultural competency development is to “meet people where they are at!” Kelley also volunteers her time as a Kids Help Phone Crisis Responder and is mum to 3 wonderful children.

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