Making Space for Difficult Conversations

There’s no denying the recent U.S. election has had an impact. Donald Trump was elected by polarizing voters into “Us vs. Them” camps and focusing on fears. Now the genie is out of the bottle: [...]

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The Damaging Politics of Polarization

Public comments by politicians can bring issues such as anti-immigration and racism to the forefront in a powerful way. It’s easy to have an emotional reaction, whatever ‘side’ they’re on. [...]

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Hiding Behind Unconscious Bias

Although we are all prone to having unconscious biases about different people, it should not be used to obfuscate or used as cover for egregious acts against people of colour.

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The “One Happy”

 The province of Saskatchewan has a booming economy but projections are that the current workforce will shrink as workers get older. So they are looking for workers. However, merely filling the [...]

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