Emancipation Day

Blackhurst Cultural Centre’s Emancipation Day Parade August 2022 After successfully putting the Underground Freedom Train Ride “back on track” this year, the Blackhurst Cultural Committee celebrated Emancipation Day—August 1, 2022—with a festive parade visually and musically depicting various aspects of slavery and commemorating various triumphs in the struggle for freedom, justice and equality through inclusion, […]

Trinidad & Tobago Independence Day

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Independence: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: August 31st “A revolution of intelligence, for intelligence, by intelligence.” https://diversipro.com/wordpress_Staging/idea-books/ “To educate is to emancipate.” In the afterglow of the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, celebrated annually on August 23 to memorialize the transatlantic slave trade, […]

Honoring our Heroes- Musician Oscar Peterson

On August 15, 2022 the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled a one-dollar circulation coin honouring Oscar Peterson (1935-2007). Peterson is the first Black Canadian and the first musician to be featured on a circulation coin. Born in Montreal in 1925, Peterson is widely regarded as one of the foremost jazz pianists of his generation, winning numerous […]

Blackhurst Cultural Centre Commemorates the 10th Annual Underground Freedom Train Ride: “We’re Back on Track”

  The Underground Freedom Train Ride and Emancipation Day Commemorations Still Matter… Recently, Dr. Afua Cooper, Professor in the Sociology and Social Anthropology Department at Dalhousie University explained why issues around slavery and emancipation are still important.  Here is the link to the story: A specific form of anti-black racism: Scholars want Canadian apology for […]

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