Emancipation Day

Blackhurst Cultural Centre’s Emancipation Day Parade August 2022

After successfully putting the Underground Freedom Train Ride “back on track” this year, the Blackhurst Cultural Committee celebrated Emancipation Day—August 1, 2022—with a festive parade visually and musically depicting various aspects of slavery and commemorating various triumphs in the struggle for freedom, justice and equality through inclusion, diversity, equity and antiracism (IDEA) since then…

We Have This Hope…

“Through Canada’s AntiRacism Strategy, the government continues to tackle all forms of racial discrimination in Canada, including anti-Black racism and systemic inequities, while working to design more effective legislation, policies, programs, and services that benefit all Canadians.  On Emancipation Day, I invite all Canadians to learn more about Canada’s history of enslavement and segregation, and its lasting impacts, which are still felt by members of Black communities today. We must acknowledge the truths of the past and recommit day after day to combatting anti-Black hate and systemic racism in order to build a better, more inclusive Canada for all.”

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

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